About Us

BabyHeart-The Safe and Dependable Baby Fetal Doppler

     BabyHeart carries the industry’s largest selection of baby fetal doppler units designed to help parents monitor the health of their baby while still in the womb. Our products are ARTG APPROVED and provide a safe and easy way for parents to check their baby’s heartbeat without interrupting the child’s development or growth pattern.

Why Use a Fetal Doppler Monitor?

     As a new parent, you can be nervous about the health and development of your baby. Being able to find and listen to baby’s heartbeat for the first time can be exciting and it can help to prevent a wide range of health problems, including a miscarriage, by giving you early detection of any problems with your baby’s health.

The BabyHeart Mission

     Headquartered in Perth, WA Australia, BabyHeart has provided high quality baby fetal dopplers to concerned parents for over 3 years and is fast becoming the leader in fetal doppler sales. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fetal dopplers at the best prices and to always offer a higher level of customer service and support every time you visit us online or in store.

Why Shop with Us?

     There are many reasons our customers choose us for all of their baby fetal doppler monitor needs. We offer high quality products at competitive prices and our express next day delivery service to most metro areas within Australia ensures that you receive your order fast. We offer a risk free 14-day money back guarantee and the convenience of shopping either online or in store at our retail shop. You can even use our After-Pay payment method which enables our customers to sign up for an installment payment plan that will make getting their new baby fetal doppler easier and much more affordable.

Contact Us

     You can contact BabyHeart’s premium customer service team by calling us on (08) 6454 3871 or by emailing us at info@babyheart.com.au.