Double Electric Breast Pump

Double Electric Breast Pump

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Breastfeeding just got easier! Whisper quiet, comfortable, discrete and portable - the perfect accessory for every new mum.

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New mums have a lot on their plate - and if you’re nursing a little one, you need a breast pump that makes life simpler and saves you time. This is where our Double Electric Breast Pump is the perfect solution to help you bond with your little one as you enjoy this part of the journey!

Double pumping is proven to help mothers express more milk, faster - and whether you’re nursing twins, expressing multiple times a day or if you just want to speed up the process of expressing milk, the double electric breast pump will soon become the device you won’t want to go without!

It’s small, light, discrete and whisper-quiet, everything you want in a breast pump! It’s the ultimate breast pump that will get you through your breastfeeding journey. 

Designed for comfort

Most breast pumps use hard plastic parts, which can contribute to aching breasts when breastfeeding - but our double electric breast pump features a soft gel panel and soft cups to protect your skin when it’s at its most tender. 

Faster milk expressing

The double electric breast pump makes expressing milk faster - expressing both breasts at once increases milk supply by 18%, allowing you to get more milk for your little one with greater convenience.

Whisper quiet

Need to breast pump in the middle of the night without waking up the whole house? Or perhaps in a quiet corner of the workplace? The double electric breast pump is discrete enough to use anywhere without feeling self conscious.

Pump anywhere, anytime

Don’t be stuck tied to a wall outlet! The double electric breast pump is portable, wireless and lightweight. it’s easy to stash in your baby bag, handbag or car to always have with you on the go. 

Stimulates milk flow

The double electric breast pump features a massage function to help soothe your tender breasts whilst stimulating more milk production. 

Always ready to go

Powered by a rechargeable battery and designed with an ergonomic handle, so you can comfortably carry it with you. 

Customisable settings

The hospital grade double electric breast pump has customisable settings, so you can adjust the suction to your comfort preferences and stimulate a natural breastfeeding sensation, allowing you to get more milk per pumping session. 


  • Whisper quiet - pump anywhere!
  • Comfortable cups won’t cause discomfort
  • Customisable suction levels
  • Massage function
  • Switch between single & double pumping


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
CB (Wentworthville, AU)

Amazing! The suction is amazing and I was only using it on the third level. Cannot recommend enough

CB (Wentworthville, AU)

Amazing! The suction is amazing and I was only using it on the third level. Cannot recommend enough

video testimonials



  • Double pumps for pumping double sides

  • Vacuum suction level: 130-320mmHg

  • Strong vacuum

  • Whisper quiet

  • Soft silicone gel panel

  • Backflow protection

  • Portable, ergonomic design

  • Large LCD display for ease of vision, including suction display and working time

  • Massage feature

  • Slim waist bottle & large bottle holder included

  • Switch between single/double mode

What's Included:

  • 1 x main unit

  • 1 x power cable

  • 2 x bottles and bottle holders

  • 1 x instruction manual

Instructional Videos:


Can you disinfect the breast pump?

Do not wash the pump machine directly, use a wet towel to wipe the surfaces if necessary.

You may disinfect the accessories by hot water in the container, use a baby steamer, or put it in a home dishwasher.

The temperature of cleaning and disinfection can not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 212 degrees Celsius.

Can you use the breast pump wirelessly?

You can use it plugged in or if using wireless, you can use the power bank provided. To use the power bank, you need to use 4x AA batteries.

How do you clean the tubes?

Turn off the breast pump, remove the tubes and clean it with warm soapy water to remove milk residue, and leave it to dry.

How do I tell what suction to use?

The breast pump has a wide range of suction levels. Make sure the suction is comfortable for you and that the pump is positioned correctly on the breast to allow a seal between breast pump and breast.


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