Listen to your baby's heartbeat with our at-home fetal doppler

Hear your little one’s fetal heart rate on the easy-to-use display screen of the Standard Fetal Doppler from BabyHeart.

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How do you use a fetal doppler?

Using a fetal doppler is easy and convenient. You can use it by yourself, or with your partner. A couple of tips to consider before getting started include:
  • The baby’s heartbeat will be easier to hear in the morning when your belly is less bloated.
  • Using the fetal doppler while you have a full bladder will also make it easier to hear.
How to use the fetal doppler:
  • To use your fetal doppler, lie down on your back on a flat surface and expose your abdomen.
  • Apply the ultrasound gel to your lower belly, ensuring that you use a liberal amount.
  • Apply the gel to the fetal doppler probe as well and turn the device on.
  • Starting at your pubic bone, glide the probe upwards toward your belly button. Move the probe across your belly slowly making sure to touch every part until you find your baby.
  • A higher heart rate means that you have found your baby. This is usually around 120 BPM or higher.
  • Once you are completed with the procedure, turn off the device and thoroughly clean the probe.