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BubbaLog is your ultimate go-to for tracking everything when it comes to your newest addition.


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BubbaLog is your ultimate go-to for tracking everything when it comes to your newest addition. Log your breastfeeding time and sides, baby sleep time, baby play time, nappy changes, medicines and more, so you can keep on top of your little one’s progress over that initial six-week period.

There is so much going on in those early weeks with a newborn, and with the new parent haze resting over you, it can be hard to remember everything. BubbaLog makes this easy, providing all you need for those first six weeks. You have the added advantage of being able to look back at past entries and see if any patterns have formed.


  • Compact A5 soft cover.
  • Six-week format with daily pages and weekly summary pages.
  • Manages the day-to-day things you’re most likely to want to track.
  • Makes it easy for carers to look after your little one just like you.
  • Track as much or as little as you need.


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Daily page features:

  • Column to lists things your baby needs.
  • Feeding: times, which breast or how much bottle.
  • Medication due and given.
  • Nappies – wet or soiled.
  • Play and sleep times.
  • Appointments.

Weekly page features:

  • Achievements and milestones for you and your baby.
  • Shopping list.
  • To-do list.
  • Questions to ask your health care professional


Can a fetal Doppler replace ultrasound appointments?

Our Babyheart fetal Doppler monitors work similar to an ultrasound, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for regular ultrasound appointments and doctor visits.

Why can’t I hear anything? Does it mean my baby is having complications?

If you are unable to hear your baby’s heartbeat, don’t panic. Your baby could be too small for the Doppler to detect its heartbeat and you should wait until your baby is more developed. Your baby could also be in a position which makes it difficult for the monitor to pick up the heartbeat. However, if you have a feeling something is wrong, contact your physician.

I hear two heartbeats. Why?

If you are hearing more than one heartbeat, you could either be hearing the same heartbeat in two different locations, or you are pregnant with twins. If you’re in the later stages of pregnancy and the two heartbeats are within 10 beats per minute of each other, it’s probably just one fetus.

Is my baby’s heart rate normal?

If you are receiving a measurement of 120 to 160 BPM, your baby’s heart rate is normal. Measurements which are lower than 120 BPM could be your own heart rate and you should reposition the probe.

Which mobile devices are supported for models that can be connected to an application?

The fetal Doppler device app is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android phones and tablets.


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