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Excellent service I ordered the Doppler at 10.30 am on Monday yesterday and received it today Tuesday at 1.30 pm in Tasmania best service ever well done and thank you very much for great service Sorry I can’t comment on product as it is not for me it is going to Vanuatu for a training midwife.


I received my Doppler today a bit late but I still got it and I love it found the heart beat pretty much at 1st go but don’t know how to read the heart rate but I can hear it at 10 weeks thank you Mike and team ❤️

Great service

My order arrived within 2 days but I unfortunately had received a faulty Doppler. The team at baby heart were great and had a replacement to me within another 2 days. The doppler is fantastic and I have been able to find the heartbeat easily every time!


Have been able to find baby’s heart beat quickly from just 9 weeks. Brilliant product, easy to use, and fast delivery.
Video at 9 weeks and 5 days.

Happy with the product.

Product arrived quick and found a heartbeat easy.

Great Product

I’m almost 12 weeks and found my baby’s heartbeat really quickly my older son got to hear it and was so excited. I haven’t been able to record on the computer it picks up outside noise instead of the Doppler. If anyone could help with that is would be great.

So happy with this product

Bought this friday afternoon, was sent mobday and recieved today ( tuesday) found bubs heart beat in the first 5 minutes. I had been tossing up for weeks about buying it. Definetly glad i did. Thanks baby heart

Love it

Works really well for me and I’m only 8 weeks. Absolutely love it. Arrived the next day from when I ordered it.

Works well

Easy to use and can hear well with ear phones.

Fetal Doppler Advanced + BONUS 250ML Gel

Next day delivery and able to pick up FHR @ 9w for me. Great peace of mind! Happy with product!

Love it

Can hear baby’s heart very clearly. It arrived less then a week after I ordered it too which was fantastic

Great product

Very happy with the doppler. Very fast postage too. Thank you

Loved it!

Purchase the Fetal Doppler Mini and not only it came early over the New Year holidays, it’s amazing.. my husband, daughters and I love using it to hear our baby girls heart beat.

Great product

Works a lot better than I expected, very happy with my purchase and great piece of mind, thank you

Such a relief

I've had two bleeds this pregnancy. This Doppler is so easy to use and it's really reassuring to be able to check the baby's heart rate whenever I want. And it shipped immediately and arrived just days after ordering.


I was reluctant to get this one to start as last time I had one like the hospital does but this one is just as good :)

Only thing so far is that headphones is the only way to hear bub.

I got it at 9 weeks and have been able to find a hb from day 1 :)

Amazing product. I really loved it coz I could hear my baby boy any time that I want!!!!!

Love It

Love this product. I work FIFO so I purchased this a week before I got home so it was home when I flew in, I was actually amazed that it arrived the very next day!!
I was able to pick up our babys heart rate at 9 weeks and 5 days, and its accurate, I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks 6 days and the heart rate was almost spot on and baby is growing perfectly. So far, we have been able to get babys heart beat every try, sometimes it takes a little time but since having a previous miscarriage a few months ago, it's been a blessing to have something to keep my mind at ease while waiting for my 12/13 week scan! Cant believe how good this product is and how early we are able to hear our babys heart beat. It's the best feeling.


I was hesitant to buy a Doppler online and with all the reviews being so positive I was concerned they weren’t real. After hearing glowing reviews from mums on a chat forum I’m in and now my own experience I can happily say that this company are completely legit and offer extremely fast delivery and the Doppler itself is great! First used at 13weeks and I found the heart beat after a minute or two.
I would definitely reccomend baby heart to everyone!


Great service and product

Fetal Doppler Advanced + BONUS 250ML Gel

I love the fetal Doppler. Found my baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks and continue to find it when I use it. It's so beautiful hearing it and reassuring for me as a first time mum to be!


I bought this for my wife and it is truly amazing being able to hear the heart beat of our baby was incredible would highly recommend