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Absolutely perfect!!

The doppler arrived quickly and well packaged, with bonus gel bottle.

Extremely simple to use, and perfectly effective. I absolutely adore my doppler and am so so glad I purchased it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this review. :)

Super quick delivery and absolutely love my Doppler, thank you so much baby heart x

Thank you so much! Glad you <3 it! :)

Wow, what a day I’ve had. My mini Doppler came in the mail and I heard my babies heartbeat almost right away. I’ll admit, the first heart beat I heard was my own (I realized this by the rate) but then, not too long after, there it was. A strong 163bpm and the relief was unbelievable. I’m 12 weeks so I didn’t expect this at all! I couldn’t be happier ✨❤️

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Mini Doppler

Quick to arrive and good value

Was a little skeptical at the price at first as it was $50 cheaper than others on the market. It arrived in 2 business days and I saw that it was quality and just what I needed. So much easier to measure my children’s temperature.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this review. :)

Great product! Would defiantly recommend this to family and friends.

Thank you! Glad you <3 it! :)
Baby heart beat

Works great and also it’s good to hear your baby’s heart beat from home

Piece of mind

Fast postage, good product. Good size and easy to use. Have not tried recording and don’t feel I will need to, but have already had family listening to heart beat and they love it

A little to use to.

Great product.




Found my bubs heart beat at 8.5 weeks! It took time but was the most amazing sound and have found it several times since. Highly recommend.

Extremely fast shipping

Advanced Doppler.

I brought this a while ago at 9 weeks and absolutely love it! I was able to hear the babies heart beat very strong.
Fast shipping and great customer service.

Standard Doppler

Advanced Doppler

I absolutely love my doppler. Gives my family and i comfort in listening to our little boy's heart beat 💙 Thank you so much. We highly recommend your products.

Mini Doppler


Found bubs heart beat at 10 weeks exactly after looking for about 20 minutes - key is to aim low at the pelvic bone and move your way up and to the side slightly and slowly :)


Found my baby’s heart beat at 10 weeks after about 15 minutes - aim very low at the start of the pelvic bone.

Easy and affordable

I got this at the beginning of week 12, it took a while to find the heart beat at first but it worked! I used it a week later and cold here it straight away loud and clear. Super easy to use, affordable, quick delivery and I love having the opportunity to listen whenever I like :) I can also here the little one kick ☺️

Advanced doppler

Fast arrival. Excellent sound quality, very easy to use. Love it

Calmed my anxiety

Mini Doppler arrived quickly and immediately calmed
My nerves, my previous two pregnancies I felt movement very early so was worried when I felt nothing, the mini Doppler Wade
My anxiety between my scans as I later found out my placenta was at the front blocking most of the kicks, so hearing the heartbeat was enough to
Put my mind at rest.


Im 15 weeks currently and heard baby's heartbeat for the first time 3 days ago. Takes a bit of wriggling around with the Doppler but it works.

The delivery was super fast. I placed the order on Wednesday and I got it on Thursday (Sydney). Amazing. I found the baby’s heart rate pretty quick . I was 10,5 weeks and feel so happy hearing my baby’s heart rate every day! Great purchase!

Great Product!

This Doppler is really great! And for the price I’m one happy customer! Found my babies heart beat super quickly (17 weeks) and it’s so clear. Can plug into a speaker to listen out loud if you like but I enjoy listening and spending quality time with bub just me and baby listening to the joy of bubs heart through the head phones

Sigh of relief

I didn’t even realise these existed until a colleague told me she used it to squash her anxiety about her early pregnancy l. I thought it would be perfect to keep me sane between my doctors appointments as I’ve had so much unexplained spotting.
Within minutes of receiving the package (less than 6days) hubby and I heard that beautiful wishwashy heartbeat and settled my own anxiousness.
Have used it a couple of Times so far with a massive smile on my face in anticipation every time! Love it!

Thanks for a great easy to use product l!