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Mini Doppler

Fast delivery got here within 3 days, can hear my bubbas heartbeat right on 10 weeks and cannot be happier with this device! Would 100% recommend

Mini Doppler

Absolutely fantastic! My partner, children and myself were all able to hear babys heart beat nice and clear at just 8 weeks!! Delivery was so super quick & it is bringing me so much reassurance already. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you Baby Heart for this amazing opportunity


Exactly what we where expecting Thankyou

Amazing Standard Doppler

As a new mum I get scared and anxious when baby doesn't kick so having the Standard Doppler was the best decision I could have ever made. Hearing my baby's heartbeat when ever my husband or I want has been great and brings us closer to baby.

Every happy we love listening to bub every night

Mini Doppler

My partner and I are very satisfied with our mini Doppler! After a previous misscarrige it's very reassuring hearing my little muffins heart whenever I please.
We can hear our baby's heart clear as crystal at 11 weeks!
Couldn't fault it!


Absolutely awesome purchase I was able to pick up babies heart beat strong and clear at only 9 weeks and 5 days

Good for it’s price

I bought the mini doppler to give me peace of mind. Works well. Excellent customer service and postage was very quick. Highly recommend. Thank you.

Love it

Super quick delivery & very happy with purchase
Thank you

Mind settling

I love this item I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and everynight after work before bed I listen toy little one actually helps me unwind thanks allot baby heart would recommend to any new expecting mum πŸ’“ πŸ’“

Very happy!

I was able to pick up my babies heart beat at 8 weeks and 3 days! And that was the first time my husband and I heard it, all in the comfort of our bedroom. Very special moment.

Great product

Such an amazing thing to hear ur babys heart beat so happy with this product.

Best purchase ever!

Honestly felt a little reluctant to purchase this. Being a bit chubber due to "my first born doesn't eat all her fries weight" I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get the results a lot of others posted about... But today, two days shy of 10 weeks I was able to get a clear, strong recording of bub to be's heartbeat. I'm so happy as I intend to give the Doppler to my daughter so she can check in on her new sibling whenever she feels like it. Simple and easy to use! Honestly you will not regret buying this Doppler!

Great and easy to use


have been able to hear my bubbas heart beat from 8 weeks onwards, delivery was quick (next day service) and I live in rural country. my family and partner also love this. Thank You Babyheart

Great product

Item was delivered quickly to Sydney and works really well. Very happy!!

Love it❀️❀️

Got mine in less then 24 hours and tried it straight away knowing I might not hear anything (almost 12 wks) but found it with very little searching ❀️ honestly couldn't be happier ! Thanks you baby heart ❀️❀️


Worth it!!!

Mini doppler

The mini Doppler has provided me with so much comfort and reassurance during my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy, I am quite small and am still yet to feel definite movement.
The mini Doppler is so easy to use and convenient during appointments.
Thank you so much Babyheart!

Standard Doppler

Amazing πŸ’•

Got it within 3 days of ordering 😍, Took a bit to find bub the first time but once you find the right spot it works amazing & so clear the sound πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’

Pocket Doppler

Very happy

Exactly 9 weeks today and found our twins heart beats and it was music to my ears. Did take a lot of patience and time but best money I spent

Genius Device

Love the Standard Doppler. I bought this as I am pregnant with our 2nd baby. I wish I had one with our 1st. The Standard Doppler is absolutely amazing and easy to use, just as good as the ones they use in the hospital. Our little girl can listen to her siblings heart rate and is creating a bond by doing so. Hearing our babies heart beat puts my mind at ease and allows us the freedom to check in on our little one at any time.
This is a fabulous device. Easy to use. Would recommend to every expectant Mum.


I didnt get to hear my babys heart beat at my ultrasound so this was an amazing way for me to hear it and at only 10 weeks! Such an amazing device and brings so much joy.