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Breast Pump

Many mums do not need a breast pump, but for others, it is life-saving. As an expectant mother, you have made a lot of decisions on your pregnancy journey – your baby’s name, nursery design, clothing, and accessories, such as prams and baby bottles, to name a few. Now that you’re nursing your baby, another important decision to make is choosing the right breast pump.

At BabyHeart, we have a solution for you: our wireless, double-suction breast pump. Our breast pump includes many features and functionalities that make it the most comprehensive breastfeeding solution available.

When you purchase any of our products – from our breast pumps to our range of at-home fetal dopplers and pregnancy heartbeat monitors – know that you can also experience the following benefits:

Options for flexible payment

As we offer both Afterpay, Klarna and Zip, you can easily purchase your milk pumping machine or fetal doppler now and pay later. These services allow you to quickly get your breast pumps for sale and pay in an instalment plan over six weeks. For those of you mums on a budget or who prefer to pay fortnightly, these services can allow you to pay flexibly and use our breastfeeding pump without delay!

Exceptional customer service 

When you need advice or assistance with any of our products, such as our breast pumps and fetal heart monitors, rest assured that our online customer support team is here to help. You can leave a message or call us. Our website also features additional resources where you can look up common questions such as ‘what’s more effective between a manual or electric breast pump?’ and more.

Fast and efficient shipping

BabyHeart offers fast shipping options throughout Australia at low prices. Your order can be delivered as quickly as the next day in most metropolitan areas. Check out our dispatch policies and choose one of our efficient courier partners.

What are you waiting for? Purchase a breast pump online from BabyHeart today and join our community of happy mums using our products to make their journey to motherhood just a bit more special.

How to choose a breast pump?

Here is a list of things to consider when purchasing your breast pump:

  • Your pumping needs and lifestyle. Are you using the breast pump to drain excess milk or keep a supply for your baby during emergencies? It is also important to consider when you’ll most frequently be pumping. For example, you may need a pump with a battery pack if you plan on using it during work or travel.
  • Price point. Find that balance between the price of the pump and one that serves your needs the best. It’s important not to skimp out on a breast pump as it may lead to negative health effects. 
  • Portability. For mums constantly on the move, a portable breast pump that is wireless and rechargeable can prove to be useful. You’d also want a model that is more lightweight and compact to allow you to store it in a bag or car easily.
  • Comfort. It is important to consider how comfortable the pump is when you use it. Consider the material that is used to prevent your breasts from aching. Your skin, especially around the breast area, is most sensitive during and after birth, so it’s important to invest in a breast pump that feels as natural as possible.
  • Loudness of the pump. Choosing a quiet model is important for mums who want a discreet experience. Whether you need it to pump in the middle of the night without waking your entire household or need to use it at work quietly, a quiet pump can provide a lot of benefits.

Our exclusive breast pump model available at BabyHeart provides you with the above-mentioned features. It’s an effective whisper-quiet pump that can work for most mums due to its extreme portability and competitive price point.

As our breast pump features silicone breast shields, it’s comfortable to use as it is designed to stimulate your baby’s natural suckling. At BabyHeart, we offer you a comprehensive medical-grade solution for your pumping needs.

How to use a breast pump? 

Before using our electric breast pump, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Ensure that your breast pump has been properly cleaned using a dishwasher or baby bottle steriliser before use. From there, you can use this step-by-step guide to proceed.

  • Assemble your device and ensure it’s working. Read up on the manual and ensure that all connections are attached securely. Be sure to check if your device has adequate power to prevent it from shutting off mid-pump.
  • Get comfortable. Find a quiet, comfortable spot to sit and relax: take a few deep breaths, do a five-minute meditation, and do some yoga stretches.
  • Encourage let-down. A soft breast massage or warm compress can prepare your breasts for a pumping session. When your baby is nearby, a quick cuddle might be just the thing to trigger your breasts to release. Away from home? You can channel that maternal instinct by looking at a photo of your baby, listening to a recording of her sounds, or closing your eyes and imagining her scent.
  • Create a good seal and get centred. It may be helpful to moisten the suction device with water to ensure a good seal. Then be sure to centre the nipple in the middle of the flange before starting the pump.
  • Prime the pump. Most electric pumps like ours come with phases that allow you to simulate the natural suction of your baby. They begin with shorter, faster bursts of suction that mimic the initial suckling your baby would do. The let-down won’t happen for a few minutes, and before then, you’ll only get drops of milk. After a few minutes (around the time of let-down), our electric pump will switch to regular mode.

Make sure you do not default on the highest suction setting immediately. It’s important to gradually move towards the highest suction level to prevent discomfort. Additionally, pumping with your breast pump should not be an uncomfortable experience. In case of pain, notify your doctor or hospital immediately.

How long should you use a breast pump at a time?

When you’re with your baby, it’s best to pump between your nursing sessions if you want to keep a milk supply for emergencies or to have one on hand. For working mums, it’s best to pump according to your baby’s feeding schedule at home (usually every 3 to 4 hours) so you can maintain your milk supply.

You should spend 15 to 20 minutes hooked up to the breast pump to get an ample amount of milk (some mothers may need 30 minutes or more, especially if they are new to the device). Pump until your breasts feel well-drained and the milk starts to slow down. Make sure the breast flanges are clean after every use.

Check our online store today if you’re ready to purchase our BabyHeart breast pump. We also offer a unique way to bond with your baby in the womb through our doppler pregnancy devices.

They come in four different models, each with its unique functionalities. Our mini doppler is the most portable. Our standard and advanced dopplers have an LCD screen that allows for easy detection, and lastly, our premium doppler has a built-in high-definition loudspeaker.

For all your mummy and baby needs, trust us at BabyHeart as we bring FDA-approved and ARTG-certified products.