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Video Testimonials

"My little Man's Heartbeat"

It's nice

"It's so clear!"

really enjoy

Kate - 29 Weeks Pregnant


My little loves lil heartbeat

Louise - 15 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant

Hear Her Heartbeat


Stacey - 10 Weeks Pregnant

Irene - I Love It




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Why can’t I hear anything? Does it mean my baby is having complications?

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How to use a double breast pump

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What makes borosilicate glass better?

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How do I store the pouches in the fridge/freezer?

Can I heat the pouches?

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Is it ok if they go through a dishwashing cycle?

Are the Cherub Baby labels safe?

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Can I re-use these thermoSensor Reusable breast storage milk bags?

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Do I need to sterilise the thermoSensor Reusable breast milk bags before using them?

How do I store the thermoSensor Reusable breast milk storage bags in the fridge/freezer?

How do I label the thermoSensor Reusable breast milk storage bags?

Can I recycle the thermoSensor Reusable milk bags?

How do I know if this will attach to my brand fridge/freezer shelf?

How does it stay attached?

What can I put in the organiser?

How do I clean it?

How do I connect it correctly?

How do I disconnect the organiser from the shelf?

How do I clean and reuse the food pouches?

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Can I repurpose the baby food pouches?

Can I recycle the baby food pouches?