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5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps You Need To Try (For Free)

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Pregnancy is an exciting time full of milestones and special moments - and it can all go by in the blink of an eye!

Modern problems call for modern solutions, so many expectant mothers in 2020 turn to pregnancy tracking apps. Although pregnancy tracking apps can't replace your obstetric appointments, they can be a fun way to keep track of everything going on with your growing baby bump.

Today, we're rounding up the 5 best pregnancy tracker apps that you need to try.

Here are the 5 best pregnancy tracking apps

#1 What To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Perhaps one of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps, and for very good reason! This easy-to-use app has an average of 4.8 stars on the iOS and Android stores respectively and allows you to track your baby's growth over time, giving handy scales so that you can easily visualise your baby. And it's all for free!

Search it now on iOS and Android.

#2 Pregnancy+

Easy to navigate and with plenty of visualisation tools, this popular app tracks your baby's kicks, your weight gain and your cravings.

This pregnancy app also teaches you about your baby's growth through charts and illustrations through every week of your pregnancy journey. The feature-rich tracking is also handy for sharing with your obstetrician.

Get it now for free (with optional in-app purchases) on iOS and Android. 

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#3 Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Like the other tracking apps, this app allows you to easily monitor your baby's growth, photos and any symptoms you might be having. But what's really cool is that it also lets you anonymously ask questions from other parents in the Community section of the app. Anything that helps you feel any less alone during pregnancy is a great idea, in our book! 

It's available for free on iOS and Android. 

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#4 WebMD Pregnancy App 

Yep, you heard right! Everyone's favourite online symptom checker now has their very own pregnancy app, and it's jam-packed full of helpful information that will keep you in the loop about the changes that your body is going through, how your little one is developing and what's 'normal' to be experiencing, for peace of mind. 

You can also track your weight and blood pressure, record the baby's kicks and add preparation questions for your next doctor's appointment, so you don't miss a beat (because pregnancy brain is real!)

It's available for free, but only on iOS at this stage. 

#5 Full Term

This app will only come into play at the final stages of your pregnancy, but you'll love it. Full Term tracks contraction patterns, helping you tell if your contractions are Braxton Hicks (false alarm) contractions, or time to head to the hospital. 

Contractions are hard to interpret, so having an app that records the start and stop time and intensity will allow you to see patterns in how your contractions are coming. It also lets you record the time that your water breaks and the colour of the fluid - which is one of the first things that your doctor and midwife will want to know.

It's available for free on iOS and Android. 

Note: Please always keep in mind that no tracking app can replace the guidance of a medical professional. Whilst apps can be helpful and a great source of info, please always be sure to run any questions, concerns or feelings you may have past your doctor as your first port of call. Your and your baby’s wellbeing is the number one priority.