Is It Safe To Use A Fetal Doppler At Home?

There is no other feeling in the world which could be compared to the news of being parents. It is the time when a couple is exposed to an all-new chapter of life. Parenting demands a big level of responsibility and it starts immediately at the moment when a woman conceives. However, it is a dream for every parent to monitor every single activity of their child while still in the womb, especially the heartbeat. This is the reason why fetal doppler in Australia is getting so much popularity. A very frequent question which comes up with the use of dopplers is the safety.

fetal doppler in Australia

Before we proceed towards the idea of safety, let us get some overview of the detail of a baby doppler. Fetal dopplers are the handheld devices which can help in monitoring the heartbeat of the baby inside the womb through ultrasound technology. The name doppler comes from the idea of Doppler effect which is about simulation of baby’s heartbeat through fetal doppler which is audible to the parents or physicians.

Fetal dopplers are not only becoming popular but they are in very high demand by the parents who are expecting a baby. This is why they are so commonly available over the online stores as well as the retail shops. The mechanism of the fetal dopplers is very similar to the ultrasound devices used by the physicians for capturing the image of the baby. FDA has categorized the ultrasound machines and baby heartbeat doppler in the similar category but there is a big difference between both the devices. A major reason for difference can be defined as the wavelength and frequency of waves which are used in both the devices.

There have been no studies which have shown any ill-effects of Doppler on the baby. Parents can definitely monitor and listen to their baby’s heartbeat using a doppler. Although, the device must be only used under the guidance of a medical expert as it can be tough to differentiate between the movement of the baby and the heartbeat inside the womb. So, if you are expecting to have a baby, you can surely rely on the use of Doppler to monitor the activity and heartbeat of your child using doppler.