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Breast Pump Australia

Shopping for an affordable breast pump Australia can be a stressful experience for new mothers. There are various options to choose from; new parents may choose based on different price points or desired features, like suction speeds or strengths, and the physical style or design of the device.

How do you narrow your selection down?

Here are our tips on what to look for.

What should I consider before buying a breast pump in Australia?

When looking up options for a breast pump Australia, we have four general points that we feel will help new mothers determine which breast pump is ideal for their breastfeeding circumstances.

How the breast pump is operated

Breast pumps come in two operating modes: manual or hand-operated, and powered or automatic.

The manual breastfeeding pump doesn’t have a motor and is operated by manipulating a lever, handle, or other mechanism by hand. Meanwhile, the automatic breast pump is further categorised into electric (which are wired and require a stationary power source like a wall plug) and battery-powered (which run on a portable power source like batteries or power banks).

A portable breast pump, such as a hands-free breast pump or a wireless breast pump, is ideal for parents with personal obligations that interfere or directly affect raising a child. The automatic settings on these pumps make it easy to express milk and may help reduce nursing pains.

How often you’ll be using the pump

How frequently do you predict you’ll be using your breast pump?

Some parents may be fine with an affordable wearable breast pump that runs on batteries if they only plan to use it when they need to, like on trips or in public places. An electric breast pump, on the other hand, is perfect for moms who like to plan feeding times for efficiency or convenience.

How discreet or quiet the pump will be

Publicly using breast pumps in Australia can be a nerve-wracking experience for new mothers.

No breast pump can truly claim to be silent, but some pumps may make more noise compared to others. This is especially true for pumps that are motorised; some motors purr like happy kittens, while others hum like miniature washing machines.

If you want a discreet breast pump, or if you are sensitive to noise, check the product details to see if the breast pump you want has a low decibel number. BabyHeart’s Double Electric Breast Pump, for example, has a decibel range of 58dB to 60dB, which falls under a quiet and discreet sound range. Generally speaking, the lower the number, the quieter the machine will be.

How easy the breast pump is to use

A baby introduces many changes into a new parent’s lifestyle, and the breast pump aims to help manage some of these changes.

BabyHeart’s Double Electric Breast Pump was designed with the new mum in mind. With double pumps that can be used simultaneously, the BabyHeart Double Electric Breast Pump can help a parent express breast milk up to 18% faster compared to a single-pump unit. The LED touch display also provides a haptic experience when programming or monitoring your sessions. 

It’s also discreet and comfortable, mimicking the sensation of natural breastfeeding while operating at noise levels on par with a whisper. Small, light, and super quiet, it’s an electric breast pump that you can bring along for visits with the family – and it comes in a simple but pleasant design, easily blending in with personal effects if so desired.

Electric pumps take some getting used to – a unit that’s straightforward and user-friendly is an immediate draw for many new parents. You can even add breast pump accessories if you find yourself needing a tad bit more support, like having different pump attachments or milk storage bags.

How do I choose the right size flange for my breast pump?

The breast shield, or flange, is a part of the breast pump that creates a funnel that seals over your nipple, securing the pump to your breast and ensuring the expressed milk is collected. This part of the breast pump is important because ill-fitting flanges can cause irritation, leaking, tenderness, and even pain.

When choosing the flange size for a breast pump Australia, keep these points in mind.

The size of your areolae

You’ve likely heard of the trivia that each of a woman’s breasts is differently sized from the other. This is called breast asymmetry and is a common occurrence for many adult women.

Breast asymmetry may include differently sized areola as well. If your flange is too small and fits poorly over your areola, it could lead to chafing or redness around your nipple. Too-small flanges could also cause pain when you express milk. A too-large flange, on the other hand, can cause pain, redness, or tenderness in the breast, cause bruising, and hurt the muscles around the nipple.

If the flange fits correctly, the nipple will be centred correctly inside the funnel and won't touch the sides. The areola is also not being drawn into the funnel, and using the breast pump is comfortable and painless. There should also be no lingering fullness or heaviness after a pumping session.

Are there benefits to using a breast pump?

Breast pumps are tools to help a mother or nurse express milk, which is then collected and safely stored for later consumption.

Many parents opt to get a breast pump Australia for comfort. Breastfeeding is an activity that requires dedicated blocks of time and space; for some mothers, this process may be especially tiring, especially if they’ve just gone through a difficult childbirth.

Breast pumps also help parents plan their child care duties because they make it easy to collect breast milk.

For example, a mum may delegate feeding responsibilities to their partner so she can rest and recuperate from her pregnancy. Because the breast milk is already stored and ready for feeding, their partner can easily feed the baby without needing to disturb the mother’s rest. Many working mothers also use a breast pump Australia.

Due to the special circumstances of their babies' births, parents who are blessed with twins or babies born early may want a cordless breast pump or a wireless breast pump. When babies are born early or prematurely, they need to be fed more often. Ideally, they should be fed every two to three hours, or more often if the doctor advises so.

Multiple births will also need more breast milk compared to single births; the more mouths to feed, the more breast milk will be needed, and constant breastfeeding can cause stress for a nursing mother.

Premium quality care for moms with BabyHeart

Babyheart is a TGA-listed, industry-leading retailer of breast pumps for mums all across Australia. We also offer premium-quality baby essentials like heart dopplers and our mini doppler line of devices, all of which are ARTG-registered, and other pregnancy essentials like the fetal heart monitor and digital thermometer.

Every parent wants to welcome the new member of their family with the best that they can offer, and we at BabyHeart want to offer you the same. Find high quality infant care devices and tools with us – order our best breast pump Australia today.