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The time has come – you need to buy breast pump tools and other baby essentials

You want to be sure you have all your bases covered when you build your shopping list for your baby. Every parent wants the best for their little bundle of joy, like a home doppler or a digital thermometer.

That being said, many new parents tend to forget to account for replacements. Infant feeding tools like an automatic breast pump will see a lot of use, and you’ll eventually need to replace your unit.

Here are some things to look out for when you are planning your budget for your baby and pregnancy essentials.

When should expectant mothers buy a breast pump?

Purchasing breast pumps and accessories depends on the person using them. When buying a breastfeeding pump, you’ll want to take into consideration your budget and the type of pump.

Here are some suggestions on when you should buy breast pump units or tools.

You’re in the third trimester of pregnancy

You should have at least an idea about the type of portable breast pump you’ll get during the third trimester of pregnancy. Carrying a baby to term can get very hectic the closer you get to your baby’s due date, and having infant care tools like a wireless breast pump already prepared at home can go a long way towards making your first few weeks with your baby much more comfortable.

There are times when a mother is not ideally prepared due to her baby being born early, having more than one baby, or the delivery being hard. Because of these circumstances, which can cause unique stresses, normal lactation may be affected.

In these instances, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor regarding breast pumps. You can get advice regarding specific features when you buy breast pump accessories as well, even if they may not be able to recommend a specific model or type.

You plan on having more children in the future

Breast pumps aren’t easily disposable. If properly used and maintained, they can last for many years, and there is always a market for them, so parts won't be hard to find. If you, as a first-time mother, find yourself needing a breast pump, investing in one now may save you the headache of getting a new one in the future.

Couples are planning their families more because the economy is hard to predict. This is especially true for young parents who want to raise their kids and work at the same time. Devices like breast pumps and heart dopplers help both new and experienced parents have an easier time caring for and bonding with their baby.

There are other valid and ideal times to buy breast pump devices as well. We recommend that you talk with your partner and your doctor about how you are breastfeeding so that you can narrow down your choices when choosing a manual or electric breast pump.

How many pumping bottles should I get when I buy a breast pump?

The milk container is a critical part of a milk pumping machine. When you buy supplies for your breast pump, you'll want to make sure you have enough milk containers and baby bottles. But how many do you need?

When you buy breast pump bottles, the number of bottles you’ll need will depend on how old your baby is and how often or how long you plan to breastfeed.

The average number of automatic breast pump bottles you’ll need ranges from four to twelve bottles throughout your child’s infancy. Baby bottles come in various sizes. For babies aged three to six months, a set of three to five bottles may be enough for their needs. By the time your baby is about six months old, they’ll have a bigger appetite, and you’ll want to get about the same number of six- to eight-ounce bottles to maintain until your baby is ready for weaning.

You want your milk bottles and containers to have size indicators, just like the Cherub line’s pouches, and have a universal fit like the bottles in our Cherub Baby Glass Baby Bottles Starter Kit. BabyHeart’s Cherub line of breast pump accessories are optimised for scaling your milk storage based on your baby’s growing appetite.

The Cherub line features pre-sterilised BPA and BPS-free single-use milk pouches, as well as ThermoSensor reusable breast milk storage bags that are both dishwasher-safe and pump-safe. You can install the ThermoSensor bags directly onto your breast pump adaptor for convenient storage, as each bag is individually heat-treated on all sides for maximum hygiene. 

Your pumping bottles are designed to collect and store your breast milk for your baby. We encourage investing in premium quality ones for your breast pump.

How long do breast pumps typically last?

Breast pumps typically last for years with proper maintenance and handling. Here is a brief overview of how long your breast pump may last you before you’ll need to get a new one.

Manual or hand pumps

Manual pumps, or hand pumps, are operated without a motor, which means that none of their parts are mechanised, or require a power source like batteries or a wall plug. Most manual pumps can be completely disassembled, so you can buy breast pump part replacements as often as needed.

Our advice on replacing your breast feeding pump is to do so when the pump mechanism no longer functions as efficiently as you’re used to, or if you notice any cracks or breaks, especially on the inner surface of the mechanism. 

Electric or battery-operated pumps

Electric or battery-powered breast pumps, including the ones used in hospitals, are usually replaced when the motor stops working. If the motor starts making strange sounds, use it as little as possible or stop using it until you can get it fixed or replaced.

Motorised breast pumps have an average lifespan of one to two years with an average usage of ten to twenty milk expression sessions a week, but other models may last for a shorter or longer period. Always check the warranty when you buy breast pump devices that are motorised to gauge the expected lifespan of your unit. (BabyHeart’s own money-back warranty covers thirty days from the date of purchase, with a one-year warranty included. Please check the Refunds & Returns page for more details on our products’ warranty coverage.)

True quality support for real mums with BabyHeart

BabyHeart is a TGA-listed leading retailer of fetal heart monitor and fetal doppler devices, including our innovative mini doppler line that is ARTG-registered, providing parents and childcare professionals with assurance that their devices are safe for both the babies and their caregivers.

Everyone at BabyHeart is invested in your journey through parenthood. Let us help you provide the best care that your baby deserves.

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