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  • Standard Doppler

    LCD Display & Speaker

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    Standard Doppler
  • BabyHeart Advanced Fetal Doppler

    Rechargeable Unit

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    BabyHeart Advanced Fetal Doppler
  • Premium Fetal Doppler

    Comes with a visual heartwave monitor

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    Premium Fetal Doppler
  • Mini Doppler

    Small, lightweight and very easy to use

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    Mini Doppler
  • Fetal Doppler Gel - 250ml

    Fetal Doppler Gel 250ml

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    Fetal Doppler Gel 250ml

Heart Dopplers

Heart dopplers are a wonderful way to cherish your pregnancy journey. Using modern ultrasound technology, you can listen in on your baby’s heartbeat in real-time.

At BabyHeart, we have a wide range of baby fetal doppler products that are suitable for use anywhere. For on-the-go parents, we have a pocket fetal doppler (also called the mini) that can easily fit into a bag or pocket. We also have an at-home fetal doppler with various features, such as one that includes a speaker, so you can share the experience of listening to your baby’s heartbeat with family members.

From our standard doppler to our premium doppler, all our baby heart monitors come complete with an ultrasound gel and necessary accessories. You don’t need to worry about finding different parts and items since our heart dopplers can be used immediately when you receive them.

We offer competitive prices and quick, reliable delivery service. We can ship your fetal heart monitor as fast as the next day for most metropolitan areas within Australia. With our commitment to quality, we provide a one-year warranty for our customers. If any of our heart dopplers become faulty under normal use and it is due to improper material or workmanship, BabyHeart will repair or replace any defective products free of charge during the warranty period.

Should you change your mind after buying one of our fetal dopplers, don't worry: you can return them for a refund within 30 days so long as it remains unopened with all seals intact, and it is in resalable condition, including all accessories. We do this to ensure that our products stay in compliance with all health and safety regulations. 

We understand that safety is a number one priority throughout your pregnancy. With this in mind, all our doppler pregnancy products have been entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG no. 277143). 

When you purchase a baby fetal doppler from us, we offer flexible payment options such as Afterpay and Klarna. Over six weeks, these options allow you to buy now and pay later through a fortnightly instalment plan. It’s never been more affordable and easy to purchase your new baby’s fetal doppler.

Shop online now for any of our heart dopplers and other food-safe baby accessories. Order our fetal heart rate monitor and spark that extra connection with your baby as you listen in on their heartbeat.

What is a heart doppler?

Heart dopplers function as a coronary imaging device that uses sound waves to visualise blood flow through vessels. In cases of pregnancy, these devices are used primarily to listen to the heartbeat of the unborn child.

Heart dopplers are used by medical professionals to detect heartbeat and provide a diagnosis regarding the blood flow of a baby in the womb. At BabyHeart, we offer baby heartbeat dopplers that are completely safe to use and do not need a doctor’s prescription. Order one now and start bonding with your baby!

What is a heart doppler used for? 

Heart dopplers utilise ultrasound technology to amplify the heartbeat of your baby. This is accomplished by sending sound waves through your skin and tissue to detect blood flow (such as blood flowing through the baby’s main heart artery), which is then amplified by the microphone and audio output of the fetal doppler. As a result, you can listen to and record your baby’s heartbeat using a pregnancy doppler ultrasound

As you use a fetal doppler at home, it is important to remember that you will also be hearing the heartbeat and blood flow of the parent carrying the baby. This will be much louder than the baby’s heartbeat, so don’t forget that your baby’s heartbeat will be much faster than yours. As well as this, it’s important to learn that certain organs in the abdomen can cause extra sounds to be heard, including the placenta and stomach.

Our recommendation is to seek the guidance of your midwife or medical provider if it’s your first time using our heart dopplers. Doing so ensures you can recognise the different sounds and accurately hear what you’re looking for. 

How long does a heart doppler take?

As heart dopplers pick up sound immediately, there is no waiting period to use it. If you use it properly, it doesn’t take long to find your baby’s heartbeat. However, when it comes to the heartbeat itself, a baby’s heartbeat becomes audible using a pregnancy heartbeat monitor around the end of the first trimester, or at approximately 12 weeks of gestation.

Our heart doppler can also be affected by user error, such as using insufficient pressure, applying ultrasound gel inconsistently, positioning your body incorrectly, or moving it too quickly. Rest assured that our lines are always open whenever you need support about our products. Our trained customer service representatives will be happy to help you whenever you encounter issues.

Depending on the model of the fetal heartbeat monitor as well, your baby’s heartbeat will be detected at different times. There are differences in the quality of ultrasound signal technology and the strength of the power supply between our machines. Do know, however, that all BabyHeart prenatal heartbeat monitors are medical-grade and FDA approved. This means they’re used by the experts and are safe for home and clinical use. 

If you’re excited to hear the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, you can use our premium heartbeat doppler from 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is one of the reasons it is a popular choice among new parents. 

Our heart dopplers provide a new way to cherish your journey through motherhood, allowing you to connect with your baby before it’s born. Visit our website today for more information about our products and how they can help you.