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Best Electric Breast Pump

How do you determine the best electric breast pump for you? Building a family with one’s beloved is a dream that many of us hold dear to our hearts. It’s a big responsibility that also comes with some significant lifestyle changes.

Luckily, there are aids available to help make the process easier and more comfortable, especially for new mothers. Heart dopplers are available among pregnancy essentials; for baby essentials, there are breast pumps.

If you’re new to infant care or nursing, you may be faced with an overwhelming variety of options, but BabyHeart is here to help out and tackle what constitutes the best electric breast pump for you.

What is the difference between a hospital grade breast pump and a regular one?

On paper, it doesn’t seem like there’s a big difference between hospital-grade and electric breast pumps: both are operated using an external power source, both have automated settings to make the milk expression process easier (and, ideally, more comfortable), and both require some maintenance from time to time to keep everything running smoothly.

A key difference is in the motors and how many people can use the device.

A regular automatic breast pump is designed for single-user extraction only. Once it’s been used by one mother or wet nurse to express breast milk, it’s highly discouraged to let another person use the same breastfeeding machine for the same purpose to avoid cross-contamination. While there are safeguards or measures for this, such as replaceable or washable parts, there are still many components involved with the breast milk suction that aren’t directly washable without taking the apparatus apart.

A regular electric pump’s motor is also not as strong as that of a hospital-grade electric breast pump. This is not necessarily a negative feature – for example, if you are prone to experiencing tenderness or soreness after pumping, the comparatively gentler suction of a regular electric breast pump (or even a cordless hand pump) will more than suffice for your breastfeeding needs.

The hospital-grade breast pump, on the other hand, is designed to be used by more than one person at a time and has a stronger motor than the regular version. The collection bottles or containers are unique to each user and can be easily replaced and removed from the machine. These electric breast pumps were developed out of necessity for use in maternity wards by mothers who were having difficulty breastfeeding. They are highly efficient and can induce lactation in some cases.

Certain models of hospital-grade breast pumps may require some professional handling, or at least some expert familiarity with the tool, but there are now many hospital-grade electric breast pumps on the market that can be brought home and are user-friendly.

The best electric breast pump for you should be able to help you the way you need it to. If you prefer the ease of a hands-free pump but intend to use the pump on an as-needed basis, a regular one is more than capable of doing the job. On the other hand, if your pregnancy was complicated, like if you gave birth early or had twins, a hospital-grade electric breast pump may work better for you overall than a regular electric version or a natural breast pump.

Are electric breast pumps worth buying?

A breast pump may help relieve some of the discomfort and stress of breastfeeding by giving you more control over your baby’s feeding schedule. They also offer more flexibility and comfort for highly active mothers and family units with full schedules or those caring for other young children. In this instance, the best electric breast pump is the option that is both efficient and time-saving.

Portable breast pumps also benefit working mothers. As most breastfeeding machines are now more portable and efficient, many professionals can also work and nurse their babies simultaneously. For mothers who wish to continue with their professional activities while nursing (and with their doctor’s approval), a breast pump is an invaluable tool in their child-rearing tool kit.

Homemakers also benefit from breastfeeding machines. Caring for your family and home is just as demanding as any other occupation, especially if there are other young children to manage. The same idea works for fathers and guardians or nannies as well, giving them the ability to care for their child or charge without worrying about their milk supply.

How to choose the best breast pump for myself?

With technology that is constantly changing and big things happening around the world, many nursing mothers can now make their breastfeeding experience more personal by choosing the best electric breast pump for their own needs.

Choose the option that best suits your breastfeeding situation – your comfort is just as important when it comes to nursing your baby. For example, mums who are more sensitive can opt for hand pumps. On the other hand, mothers who want to save more time can opt for electric breast pumps that can extract milk simultaneously. Lastly, those looking for portability can use wearable breast pumps.

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