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Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

Here at BabyHeart, we understand the growing need for expectant parents to have a quality and easily accessible fetal heartbeat monitor. That is why we have made it our mission to provide these types of products to people all across Australia.

Whether you are looking for an at-home fetal doppler perfect for a memorable get-together with your family, a pocket fetal doppler for more mobile situations, or a standard doppler as a versatile choice – then our online store will surely satisfy all your parental needs.

Besides our premium doppler options, we also offer a number of exclusive advantages for modern and hands-on parents.

Ultra-fast shipping

In need of a pregnancy heartbeat monitor as soon as possible? Not to worry, most urban areas in Australia can utilise our next-day delivery option. As for people ordering from the rural spaces in the periphery, orders will arrive in about two to three days.

Browse through our shipping policies and see how fast our Express, Australia Post Express, or Toll Express vendors can deliver your package.

Commitment to quality

With our commitment to quality, we provide a one-year warranty that will cover any defects within the warranty period. If any of our fetal heart rate dopplers become faulty under normal use and it is due to substandard material or workmanship, BabyHeart will repair or replace any defective products free of charge during the warranty period.

Should you change your mind after buying one of our fetal dopplers, don't worry: you can return the device for a refund within 30 days so long as it remains unopened with all seals intact, in resalable condition, including all accessories. We do this to ensure that our products stay in compliance with all health and safety regulations.

We pride ourselves on our reliable offers, that’s why we let the products speak for themselves.

Customer service

If you find yourself having fetal heartbeat monitor questions that cannot be answered by our platform’s FAQ section, contact us at 1300 092 599 or email us at

Regardless of what option you use for reaching out, we are sure that our expert customer service team can give you answers to your technical and non-technical questions.

If you’re looking for an advanced doppler and a wide array of benefits, shop online now through the BabyHeart platform. Order today and utilise popular payment options like Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip!

How to choose the right fetal heartbeat monitor?

To better listen to your baby during pregnancy, you must get a fetal heartbeat monitor that suits your specific needs as a mother. Here are some features that will help you choose and buy the right device.

  • Mobility. Maybe your doctor has recently advised you to go on walks for fresh air and exercise. In that case, a mini doppler with a headphone port for privacy will be your new partner on these brief trips.
  • Screen display. A doppler machine with a screen display that lights up in the dark is advantageous if you want to spend a peaceful moment with your little one at night. During this time, natural light will be scarce, so a digital LCD display will come in handy.
  • Device clarity. If you want to let others feel the heartening presence of your baby, then you should be looking for an at-home fetal doppler with a quality speaker and ultrasound probe. This way, when you share the joyous sound with those closest to you, static noises won’t ruin the moment.

To browse through devices that are equipped with these features, visit the BabyHeart online platform now. Choose one of our dopplers today to fully enjoy the company of your baby.

What is the importance of fetal heart monitoring?

Having a trusted doctor check on your prenatal health status through a fetal heartbeat monitor is important. These medical professionals can use the data that comes from the baby fetal doppler ultrasounds to inform you.

With their expertise, these doctors can give you the proper advice and treatment if there are any issues that need medical attention. For instance, your doctor can tell you if there is sufficient blood movement within areas of the womb such as the placenta.

That is why you must attend medical appointments with doctors who are knowledgeable about childbirth.

Instead, our products at BabyHeart aim to help you create magical moments with your baby.

Shop online now through our intuitive platform and be amazed as you listen to your baby’s heartbeat in real-time.

How accurate are fetal heart rate monitors?

An external fetal heartbeat monitor that functions through ultrasound is relatively accurate.

Overall, the device’s accuracy would depend on a number of factors such as the developmental trimester the fetus is in and even the orientation of the baby in the womb. In fact, it is recommended that you start using a baby heart fetal doppler on the 12th week of pregnancy – when the baby has grown substantially.

For the most accurate results, seek out the expertise of a licensed professional. Here, the doctor, nurse, or midwife will be able to use either an internal or external prenatal heartbeat monitor.

However, if you would like to spend more meaningful moments with your baby outside of health clinics and hospitals, then BabyHeart is your one-stop solution.

Simply buy a fetal heartbeat monitor on our website, gently press the probe on your abdomen, and enjoy the wonderful rhythm your little one produces.

Choose BabyHeart today and experience a mother-baby connection like never before!