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Best Portable Breast Pump

Many first-time parents often find themselves looking for the best portable breast pump they can use. But what counts as the best?

When looking for the best portable breast pump for your personal use, consider first which handheld pump type is most compatible with your circumstances, needs, and budget. The portable breast pump is a tool to make your experiences with child care more comfortable, even though we each have preferences for what counts as comfort.

Let’s talk about it a little more.

What makes a good portable breast pump?

There are several characteristics that make for the best portable breast pump. Understanding these features can help you choose the best portable breast pump for you and your baby.

The physical size of the breast pump

The physical size of the breast pump itself will immediately give an idea of whether or not a unit is portable. Battery-operated pumps and some manual pumps are designed to be compact, handy, and relatively small. Their smaller size makes them easy to carry around and secure in luggage.

The breast pump is easy to pack

If you’re looking for a portable breast pump, take note of whether or not it can be easily assembled. Breast pumps have detachable parts, but some types may require you to be in a dedicated breastfeeding space to use them. The quicker you can assemble the breast pump, the more portable it will be.

The breast pump is user-friendly

You want a portable breast pump because you expect to be breastfeeding at any point during your trip, activity, or task with your baby as a companion. If your selected breast pump is not intuitive or will likely take some time to set up, it may not be the best choice for your needs at the moment.

There are a lot of different portable breast pumps and accessories to choose from, thanks to the fact that many of the best portable breast pump manufacturers, suppliers, and brands sell them.

BabyHeart offers not only pumps but accessories like baby bottles, milk storage bags, and travel food pouches. These product offerings come in discreet designs and are BPA-free, so you can be reassured that our best portable breast pump accessories will keep your breast milk fresh and safe for your baby’s consumption.

Are portable breast pumps easy to clean?

Generally speaking, yes. Some electric breast pumps come with a manual or user guide when you buy them, but if yours doesn’t, you can find a lot of helpful videos and articles about how to use and care for them online. That being said, let’s review some of the basic cleaning tips for breast pumps.

Plastic vs glass cleaning methods

Even the best portable breast pump needs maintenance, from a quick wash to a deep cleanse.

If you’re using sterile or new plastic collection bags, there isn’t a need to clean them before use. In fact, it’s not recommended for sterile collection bags since these containers are already clean and ready to use.

On the other hand, the opposite is true for cordless breast pump glass containers or collection bottles. Always wash and clean glass containers before using them, and always make sure that they’re completely dry. This is especially important for new containers fresh out of the box. Cleaning the glass containers of your portable electric breast pump reduces the chance of contamination, and keeping them dry keeps harmful bacteria from growing in them.

The same goes for the tubes, flanges, and any other removable parts that come into contact with your breast when you express milk. The best portable breast pump accessories should be easily cleaned or have clear instructions on proper cleaning and maintenance. 

Wash with soapy water and rinse with either cold or warm water, depending on which is advised by the manufacturer. If you notice any discolouration or particles left on any given part, try to wash them more thoroughly and see if they can be cleaned away or dislodged.

One useful tip is to use gentle soap when washing your tubing and containers. Harsher detergents may corrode the plastic, which can shorten the average lifespan of your breast pump parts. As well, rinse liberally; it never hurts to be thorough.

When should I consider getting a portable breast pump?

Child care is a life-changing responsibility, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your personal comfort at all times. You can make your pregnancy and caring for your baby more memorable and comfortable with tools like breast pumps and heart dopplers.

One suggestion is to get the best portable breast pump you have in mind before your baby arrives. This is so you can get used to how the machine works so that when your baby comes home, expressing milk will be easier and more comfortable for everyone in the family. 

On the other hand, you can consider getting a portable breast pump when your baby is born under special circumstances, such as premature births or multiple births, or if you are having difficulty breastfeeding. Many new mothers of premature babies, especially, are known to experience difficulty with milk expression, and a cordless breast pump may help to make the feeding process easier while your body is recuperating.

Finally, we suggest getting a new breast pump or breast pump accessories once you notice wear and tear on your current device. If you see any signs of breaks, tears, or other damage to your best portable breast pump’s parts, it would be best to replace them right away, especially if you’re actively using your breast pump. Similarly, if your breast pump motor is starting to show signs of poor or erratic function, it may be time to get a new one.

Pregnancy and baby care devices designed by BabyHeart

BabyHeart offers high-quality family essentials and pregnancy essentials for the discerning mum, dad, or guardian. 

Whether you need a fetal heart monitor or fetal doppler at home, or a breast pump to make feeding time while travelling more comfortable, BabyHeart carries a product for you. We also feature portable devices like the pocket fetal doppler and a digital thermometer, so you can care for your baby no matter where you go.

Parenthood is a demanding but rewarding commitment, and we at BabyHeart want to help you on your journey with child rearing, whether it’s through our best portable breast pump or our other products. At BabyHeart, all of our products are designed for safety and effectiveness – because you and your baby deserve only the best.

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