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Pregnancy Doppler Ultrasound

At BabyHeart Australia, you’ll find a range of medical-grade, at-home pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices. Browse our selection and order online today.

The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is a truly wonderful experience. With the advancement of modern technology, you can now experience those sounds of joy at home – in between your next doctor’s appointment. Utilising safe ultrasound frequencies, you can cherish the memory of your baby’s heartbeat as you journey through motherhood. 

At BabyHeart, you can count on us for lightweight and portable pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices at competitive prices. You can listen to your little bub anywhere as our devices are rechargeable and battery-powered. 

With our understanding of the stresses of an expectant mother, you can be sure that all of our products are designed so you can safely listen to your unborn child’s heartbeat. Our pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods  (ARTG no. 277143).

We have a baby heart monitor for all types of parents. Our pocket fetal doppler (also called the mini) device fits easily into a pocket or bag for mums on the go. With the inclusion of our double standard audio jack, you can listen to your baby and share this experience with your friends and family members.

For parents who are a bit more curious, our standard doppler and advanced doppler not only allow you to listen to those sounds of joy but also display your baby’s heartbeat numerically. Detecting those sounds is easier and clearer as a result. These devices also offer a variety of analysis features, allowing you to personalise your experience.  

Our premium doppler features a vibrant LCD screen that lets you visualise the waveform of your baby’s heartbeat. Our prenatal heartbeat monitors (except for the mini) also enable you to seamlessly record and playback your baby’s heartbeat, allowing you to preserve the memories of your little one at this stage of life.

Browse our BabyHeart online collection and order pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices and the best baby accessories today.

What is a doppler ultrasound?

A doppler ultrasound is a form of medical assessment that measures blood flow through your vessels by bouncing high-frequency sound waves (also known as ultrasounds) off circulating red blood cells. 

Originally used to diagnose heart and blood flow conditions, doctors in obstetrics now also use the test to scan for pregnancy and detect a baby’s heartbeat and blood flow within the womb. 

Through ultrasound technology, the device sends a high-frequency wave into the abdomen of pregnant women. These sound waves travel and then pick up movements in the womb, such as your baby’s heartbeat, and signal them back to the device. The signal is then translated into a sound or waveform, allowing you to visualise or hear it.

As an expectant mother, you may want to listen to your baby’s sounds of joy. And with that, you can count on BabyHeart. With our range of pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat as you wait for your next ultrasound appointment with your doctor.

How is a doppler scan done during pregnancy?

A doppler scan during pregnancy usually includes the following steps. First, you will lie on a table, exposing the part of your body being tested (usually the abdomen for expectant mothers). Your doctor will then spread a special ultrasound gel on the skin over that area. 

Your doctor will move a wand-like device called the probe over the abdomen area. As the device sends sound waves through your uterus, you may begin to hear sounds caused by the movement of blood vessels in the fetus. 

Note that the sounds typically vary, especially as the doctor moves the device towards the umbilical cord and blood vessel–rich areas like the placenta. These data (such as the fetal doppler heart rate) and sound waves are then recorded and turned into images or graphs on a monitor.

Our at-home pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices generally follow similar steps to regular doppler scans:

  1. Make sure the batteries of the fetal heart monitor are fully charged and properly inserted. 
  2. Lie in bed with pillows behind you, or take a seat on a comfy couch or chair. 
  3. Roll your shirt up and lower the waist of your pants or skirt to make the lower part of your abdomen visible.
  4. Spread a thin layer of ultrasound transmission gel on your lower abdomen, covering the area from beneath your belly button to the level of your pelvis between your hips. 
  5. Place the probe of your home fetal doppler against your lower belly and turn on your heartbeat monitor. 
  6. By moving the probe around, you can detect the fetal heart rate. As your pregnancy progresses, it will be easier to discover a heartbeat.

If you’re using our mini doppler, the instructions are the same, but you place the entire device against your abdomen as the probe is connected to the mini doppler.

Which week is best for a doppler scan?

With our premium fetal doppler ultrasound device, your baby’s heart rate can be detected in your womb as early as 12 weeks.

All of our baby doppler ultrasound devices, including both the advanced and standard options, can also detect fetal heart rates as early as 12 weeks.

While our pregnancy doppler ultrasound device works similar to regular ultrasounds, it is still recommended that you schedule regular appointments with your doctor. Exercise caution in self-diagnosing as only a licensed physician can monitor the health and treatment of your baby during pregnancy. 

Our home dopplers provide a wonderful way to bond with your baby as you experience the miracle of pregnancy. To shop a fetal doppler online, browse through the BabyHeart collection of medical-grade pregnancy doppler ultrasound devices and accessories.