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Double Breast Pump

The double breast pump is among the most efficient devices made for nursing mothers like you. Instead of pumping only one breast at a time, the double breast pump allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously, saving you time that can be used to bond with your little one.

When choosing a breast pump, it is important to find one that offers several features and functionalities and is at the same time competitively priced. The breast pump you use can affect how long and well you are able to express milk, as well as how soon your baby will be able to breastfeed. Before making a purchase, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each device. A great double breast pump should be easy to clean, comfortable, and functional, as well as offer several options for adjustable speed and suction.

BabyHeart has exactly what you need. Our hospital-grade breast pump provides a comprehensive solution for parents expressing milk for their babies. Whether you’re a working mom who needs a stockpile of milk or a stay-at-home mom who needs a break from nursing, you will benefit from the following key features of our double breast pump:

Comfortable design

While most double breast pumps use hard plastic parts for their breast shields, our model features a soft gel panel and soft components made of silicone. As your skin is most tender after birth, this material prevents your breasts from aching.

A faster way to express milk

Utilising a double breast pump allows for faster milk expression as there is greater stimulation. Studies have shown that pumping both breasts simultaneously can increase your milk supply by up to 18%, which allows you to stockpile more milk for your little one. 

Silent and discreet motor

Need to breast pump in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep? Our electric breast pump features a near-silent breast pump motor that allows you to use the device as discreetly as possible. Additionally, our devices are portable enough to be stored in a pram or car.

What are you waiting for? Purchase our double breast pump, and join our community of happy and healthy mothers who are satisfied with our breast pump.

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How do you use a double breast pump?

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before using our double breast pump. The pump should also be cleaned properly. Read the instruction manual and familiarise yourself with your model. You can head to our website for instructional video guides. The battery should be charged (if you opt to go wireless), and the tubing should be free of any kinks to avoid any issues during the pumping session. Once these preparations have been completed, you can start pumping by following this guide:

  1. Find a private place where you can relax. If you are into meditation, you can sit or lie down and close your eyes. It helps in bringing you to a comforting mental space before you express. 
  2. Encourage let-down by thinking about your baby. This will trigger the hormones (oxytocin) and the let-down reflex that helps release the breast milk. You can also opt to massage your breasts to help with the let-down process.
  3. Attach the breast shields to your breasts. So you can adjust the shields easily, hold the shields instead of the attached bottles. 
  4. Ensure the shields are centred over the nipples. Incorrect placement can potentially cause the suction to damage your breasts. You can also use water to ensure a tight seal on the breast shields.
  5. Turn the device on and wait for the milk to flow. Our double breast pump automatically starts by simulating a baby’s suckling and encouraging let-down before automatically adjusting the speed. 
  6. The suction level and speed can be adjusted after a couple of minutes. You can keep thinking about your baby, listening to music, checking e-mail, or engaging in other activities to keep yourself occupied. 
  7. Once your milk flow has slowed and you feel like you’re finished, turn off the pump.

Pumping should never be uncomfortable. If you feel pain, please visit a hospital or get in touch with a doctor.

What are the benefits of using a double breast pump?

Aside from an increase in speed of expression and pumping process, here are some of the additional benefits of using a double breast pump:

  • Pumping 15 minutes at a time using our double breast pump produces 18% more milk than single pumping.
  • It encourages the milk let-down reflex in moms, allowing for fast expression.
  • It increases the energy content in your breastmilk, which is beneficial for your newborn.
  • It allows for better and more effective drainage of the breast, which prevents hyperlactation and swelling.
  • It can also save time, as an average single pumping session can be shortened by about 15 minutes, which is perfect for busy, on-the-go moms.

How to sterilise a double breast pump?

You’ll need to sterilise your pumping components after washing them if you frequently use your double breast pump. We also strongly recommend doing so if your device is new or hasn’t been used in a while.

As each product is different, it’s best to consult the manual that comes with your double breast pump. Generally, however, you’ll probably use one of the following methods to sterilise your equipment:

  • Boiling. If you own a baby bottle steriliser, you can use it the same way for our double breast pump. You can also place the pump parts in a large pan and cover them with water. Make sure all parts remain submerged for at least five minutes after bringing them to a boil.
  • Steaming. Using an electric steam steriliser, place the bottles, breast shields, and suction cups facing downwards. Simply turn on the device and allow the components to steam to kill off bacteria.
  • Sterilising fluid or tablets. This sterilising option does not use heat but instead utilises cold water. If you do this, it’s important to make sure all parts are submerged with no trapped air bubbles in a sterilising solution for at least 30 minutes (and discard the solution after 24 hours). A sanitising spray is also an option.

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