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  • Standard Doppler

    LCD Display & Speaker

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    Standard Doppler
  • BabyHeart Advanced Fetal Doppler

    Rechargeable Unit

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    BabyHeart Advanced Fetal Doppler
  • Premium Fetal Doppler

    Comes with a visual heartwave monitor

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    Premium Fetal Doppler
  • Mini Doppler

    Small, lightweight and very easy to use

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    Mini Doppler
  • Fetal Doppler Gel - 250ml

    Fetal Doppler Gel 250ml

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    Fetal Doppler Gel 250ml

Fetal Heart Rate Doppler

Been searching far and wide for a reliable fetal heart rate doppler? With BabyHeart, you can stop typing ‘fetal doppler heart rate’ on your search bar and start testing out our premium doppler options.

From an advanced doppler with a bright LCD screen to a pocket fetal doppler and mini doppler equipped with a dedicated headphone port – we have everything you need in our vast selection.

At our online store, you can expect more than just a competitively priced fetal heart doppler. You can also find products with benefits that will surely make your motherhood journey much more memorable.

Simply take a gander at our one-of-a-kind offers and be one step closer to enjoying the device of your choice.

Fast and easy Australian shipping

It doesn’t take a long time for your package to arrive at your doorstep. With our trusted shipping vendors, you can even experience a next-day delivery if you live in urban cities within Australia.

Check out our package dispatch policies and see when you’ll receive your fetal heart rate doppler.

Reliable modes of payment

In this day and age, virtual is the way to go. That is why we give you the option to pay for our heart dopplers through reliable online providers.

Whether it be through your traditional Visa credit card or more modern solutions like Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip – our online platform will definitely make the payment process effortless.

Commitment to quality

Because we take pride in our products, we offer a one-year warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship within the warranty period. If a product or part of a product becomes faulty under normal use and it is due to substandard material or workmanship, BabyHeart will repair or replace any defective products free of charge during the warranty period.

Should you change your mind after buying one of our fetal dopplers, don't worry: you can return the device for a refund within 30 days so long as it remains unopened with all seals intact, and it is in resalable condition, including all accessories. We do this to ensure that our products stay in compliance with all health and safety regulations.

Compassionate customer support

With our expert team, you can have all the assistance you need to operate our fetal doppler at home. Simply contact us by emailing, calling 1300 092 599, or even filling up a ticket on the BabyHeart Support section on our website.

To take advantage of these benefits, shop online now for one of our high-quality baby heartbeat machine options. Make motherhood even more special by using our products to hear your baby’s adorable sounds.

Why is it important to use a fetal doppler during pregnancy? 

There are multiple reasons why going to a doctor for a fetal heart rate doppler scan is important.

For one, doctors can properly use ultrasound technology to analyse factors that affect your health. They can utilise the pregnancy heartbeat monitor to detect abnormal blood flow in the uterus, monitor contractions during labour, and, of course, check fetal heart rate in an accurate manner. 

This means that BabyHeart products are not alternatives to doctor’s appointments. Instead, they should be used alongside these professional scans for more safe opportunities to connect with your little one before birth.

For fetal monitoring at home, join the BabyHeart family by investing in our devices. Browse through our products today and add complementary accessories to your online shopping cart to achieve the best results.

How to measure fetal heart rate with a doppler? 

Using our fetal heart rate doppler to measure your baby’s pulse is extremely easy. Just follow this guide and instantly feel a more intimate bond with your little one.

  • Pocket/Mini Fetal Doppler. This model design can be useful for more mobile situations; perhaps it would be easier if you can fit your doppler in your pocket while heading to a friend or relative’s house. To measure your little one’s heart rate, just place the device on your abdomen, listen to the sound of the heartbeat through the earphones, and then count the beats per minute.
  • Standard Baby Heartbeat Monitor. Our standard option allows you to forgo the manual counting process as the LCD screen already shows you all the data. Simply place the transducer on your abdomen, wait a minute or two, and then have the screen flash the heart rate.

For a better overall experience, try our doppler gel liquid solution and our other innovative accessories. Purchase a prenatal heartbeat monitor today and let the rest of the family adore your baby’s joyful sounds.

What is the normal fetal heart rate during pregnancy?

When using the fetal heart rate doppler, you should be observing a measurement of about 120 to 160 beats per minute.

Don’t worry, this is the normal heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy. Unlike fully grown adults with a heart rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute, babies in the womb naturally have a higher rate due to their faster metabolism and greater need for nutrients.

Not receiving any signal from your BabyHeart fetal heart rate doppler? Take note that there is a multitude of factors that could hinder the high-frequency connection coming from your device.

For instance, your child may still be in the early developmental stages of the first pregnancy trimester. In this case, wait for a few more days until you are on your 12th week of pregnancy. Additionally, you might not get a stable heart rate read on your device if your baby is in a position that makes it difficult to attain a proper measurement.

If you have any concerns or are in need of expert advice, we recommend that you consult regularly with your family doctor. Remember that our fetal heart rate doppler is a supplemental tool and not a replacement for these important check-ups.

Load up the products portion of our online shop now and choose a device that best fits your unique lifestyle. Join our community today and be one of the thousands of satisfied parents who use BabyHeart products.