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Fetal Heartbeat Doppler

At BabyHeart, we understand that you want to share and celebrate the gift of life with your friends and family – that is why we have created a fetal heartbeat doppler well suited for any situation. With our high-quality fetal doppler models, you and your loved ones can listen to your baby’s heartbeat in real-time. 

In our online shop, we offer an extensive collection of fetal heart rate devices you can use to foster a closer connection with your little one. We have an at-home fetal doppler for simple staycations, a mini doppler for trips to the grocery store, and a premium doppler that will surely spark interest with other expectant mothers. 

As a bonus, every purchase you make at BabyHeart is accompanied by our special shopping advantages. Just take a look at these unique offers and see what our services can do for your lifestyle. 

High standards of quality

With our commitment to quality, we provide a one-year warranty that will cover any defects in materials or workmanship within the warranty period. If any of our heart dopplers become faulty under normal use and it is due to improper material or workmanship, BabyHeart will repair or replace any defective products free of charge during the warranty period.

Should you change your mind after buying one of our fetal dopplers, don't worry: you can return the device for a refund within 30 days so long as it remains unopened with all seals intact, in resalable condition, including all accessories. We do this to ensure that our products stay in compliance with all health and safety regulations. 

Quick Australia-wide shipping

Through our Express, Toll Express, and Australia Post Express vendors, you can receive your fetal heartbeat doppler in no time. Most capital areas in Australia enjoy a next-day delivery, so make sure to browse through the shipping details on our website to see if your home location is eligible for this offer. 

Convenient payment methods

We know how difficult it can be for expectant parents. That is why we have partnered up with Afterpay, a leading virtual credit card company. With this payment method, you can take advantage of a six-week plan segmented into four small instalments. 

Caring customer service

Perhaps you have further questions about our fetal heart rate doppler. In that case, you can easily shoot us a question through our caring customer service. All you have to do to reach us is email our support team at or call 1300 092 599. 

With all these benefits, what more could you ask for? Learn more about our fetal heartbeat doppler in our online store so you can connect with your baby on an even closer level. 

How early will a fetal doppler test work? 

Before you consider investing in a fetal heart doppler, you must first take into account your baby’s development in the womb. 

A fetal heartbeat doppler should be used when you are at least on your 12th week of pregnancy. However, after that developmental stage, you can use any of our products until the end of the full 40-week pregnancy term. 

Keep in mind that a number of other factors can affect the sound that comes from our prenatal heartbeat monitor. For instance, the position of the fetus in the womb can significantly influence whether or not you can clearly hear your little one’s heartbeat. 

Obstetricians (doctors who are experts in the field of pregnancy) can give you proper health advice while having the option to listen to your baby even outside the confines of the hospital or clinic. 

Buy fetal doppler at BabyHeart today and get ready to meet your baby before birth using our premium accessories!

How is the fetal doppler test done? 

Understanding how a licensed and trained doctor performs a fetal heartbeat doppler test is not difficult. In fact, there are just two main steps to follow. 

First, the doctor usually applies some form of doppler gel onto the abdomen so that there is less space between the transducer and the skin’s surface. This ensures that there is no acoustic interference that will hinder the high-frequency waves from picking up the heart rate.

Next, the mechanical probe or transducer is placed on the abdomen coated with doppler gel to detect your baby’s precious sounds. Here, the doctor can look at the data received and provide a diagnosis if there are any conditions that could affect your baby’s health. 

That’s basically all there is to it! 

Just take note that any doppler machine available on the BabyHeart online shop is not a substitute for this type of medical procedure. Instead, our products aim to help women all around Australia cherish and record the oh-so-wonderful sounds of their baby. 

What is the difference between a fetal doppler and an ultrasound?

A fetal heartbeat doppler and an ultrasound device are often thought to be synonymous. However, there are some differences between the two. 

While both devices take advantage of soundwave technology, only a baby fetal doppler can show the heartbeat of a fetus. It does this by bouncing high-frequency waves against small blood vessels, effectively measuring the rate blood is pumped. 

A standard ultrasound works in a similar manner. However, instead of bouncing the soundwaves on blood vessels, it uses them to create a detailed image of the womb’s inside area. As a result, the doctor can clearly see the fetal body parts and then look for formational issues.

Now that you know the difference between the two devices, check out our vast collection at BabyHeart. Utilise our at-home doppler or pocket fetal doppler to let the whole family hear your baby’s beats of joy!